Fitting clone. Take out paper mache from cast

Posted on 19. Februar 2014


ups, it took me a while before I had the time to finally take out the paper mache out of the plaster form!

Part 1 how to make the plaster form here.

Part 2 how to do the paper mache here.

My paper mache ( will shorten it with PM! now ) has shrunk a bit as you can see in the pic…


Now gently wrench a small and long item (in my case a thin and long screw driver) between the layers to part.

In my case it was very easy to part them…

As I freed my PM from the plaster I noticed that PM has holes, and see trough spots, also it was broken in some places…

Not sure tho, if this is caused by the shrinkage, or I just put on too less PM in some places???

broken 1E

broken 2E

What could have caused this?? My toughts:

  1. wrong mixture of PM ( too wet/dry, wrong glue)
  2. too thin applied in the plaster form

What now??? Thought I put on some more PM inside to stiffen it up a bit. Said and done….
from broke finally

Only thing is; due to the stress on the PM now it broke entierly along stress lines (under bust and back schoulder)

How to do better:

  1. apply PM thiker in the beginning
  2. apply several layers of PM ( not sure tho if layers would stick on already applied PM )
  3. leave in plaster form all the time to ensure enough support.

So my PMform is now broken beyond repair *sight*, but already plan 2 cut out:

lay plastic foile and use construstion faom. Will keep you posted


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