Fitting clone. Paper mache filling

Posted on 18. August 2013


After a view weeks of egalising, drying, coating, drying and collecting newspapers it is finally so far!

The sun is out and it is time to start the paper mache filling.

Material: water, buckets (a view of them), sieve (I took an old pillowcover), drill with a  bit on top to mix the papers, wallpaper glue and lots of muscle liniment cream for afterwards!!!


I do not describe how to make paper mache now, there is enough in the net.

But be warned, there can be mess involved making it…


After ripping newspapers, soaking them, mixing and endless sifting my paper mache is finally ready.

So first cast in place and start!


But as nothing ever goes by plan, it started raining the minute I started filling up the cast. I had to move inside my washroom…. never the less both casts are filled now.


Now it is waiting game again. This time I’m afraid it will take longer, since my paper mache seemd bit wet. Let’s hope and pray the clear coat does it’s job and the cast can be seperated from the paper mache easily as planned!

Tention is rising…..

Die Spannung steigt!

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