Fitting clone from your body. Plaster cast

Posted on 18. August 2013


A fitting clone from your body, that comes in handy if you sew a lot for yourself.

Ever tried fitting on yourself in front of a mirror? You know what I’m talking about…

For the first part now you need at least one helper ( two would be better + faster if they do not make too much of a fun out of it) to plaster you in.

Then let’s start the mess!

Material: 11 plaster rolls, water, garden shears/ poultry shears (in our case the plaster was too hard and thick, we had to option for a Dremel), plastic foile, old bra, vaseline.

Part 1

There we go, on a warm ( not too hot) day in the garage. Choose a place where you can make a bit of a mess!

Wrap the plastic foile around your hips, apply generous amount of vaseline on your body.
Put something on the floor to keep the mess limited, cut the plaster rolls in pieces and prepaire a bucket of water.

After that, all you have to do is stand and look good, let the others do the work!

After 1 hours I looked like this:



Warning: standing there in the plaster get’s hard after 1 hour! 

The plaster cast was very strong, neither of the shears seemd to cut through it, so we had to take the Dremel to get me out of there (just in time). Be carefull with the cutting!


Now let the 2 pcs. dry!

Note: in some places the cast seemd to be thinner, you can easily patch some plaster on the outside to make it stronger.

It is discussed where/how to cut open, from my experience now I can say middel front and back is the easiest to do.

Part 2

I equalized the inside of the cast to fill out the tiny gaps from the plaster roll. Let dry again.

Part 3

Then I applied some clear coat to it. Let dry again

Note: the clear coat (at least I hope so) will help to seperate the papermache from the cast later….

Now let dry again.

To see the papermache filling go here.

To see papermache take out go here.

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